Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day!!

Here are some fun Snow Day pictures from this weekend! We've stayed in and enjoyed the cozy weather! But we couldn't help but sneak out for a few pictures of my little snow bunny!

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-C, A & K

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It has been 3 amazing months with our little man. Watching him grow and experience new things each day is such a neat thing. Where he once just sat in his bouncy seat and looked around, he's now swatting at Mr. Hippo, and pulling the music cord on his own! His favorite thing right now is riding in the baby carrier on Chip's chest while Chip walks around the house. He loves to look out at the world!! He's now eating 5 ounces about every 3 1/2 hours. He's gotta be at least 10 pounds now, but we'll find out at our 4 month checkup on Feb. 26th. The other day for the first time HE GIGGLED!!! Chip and I freaked out! We were doing anything and everything to make him giggle again! I'm sure if someone saw/heard the crazy things/noises we were making they would have thought we were crazy, but we were loving it! Since he's been sleeping 8-10 hours every night since he was a month old, we thought it was time for him to "make the move". So last week we moved him from sleeping in the bassinet in our room to his crib. A little tough for me at first, but he wasn't phased! Into the crib he went, and we changed him from using our white noise applications on our phone to using his mobile hanging on the crib, he loves it! These are the most high tech. mobiles I've ever seen. Now-a-days they play music, rotate, and play a light show! No wonder he loves the thing!

In other news....Chip and I have been having a great time at our new Gym. Chip has been swimming in the wee hours of the morning and I will take classes 3 times a week. So far I've taken Zumba & Cardio Kickboxing, both of which I enjoyed a lot. Tomorrow I'm taking some step aerobic class, we'll see how that goes! We've completely changed our eating habits and I've been calorie counting with my handy dandy iPhone app. So far we have both lost 5 pounds, hopefully we keep up the pace all the way to the May 1st deadline!

Here are some pictures!!!

Taken at the park behind Cox High School

Sleepy boy!

Favorite Toy

That sweet face :)

It's like Where's Waldo! Where's Kane???


Already a remote hog!

-C, A & K

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maryland & Pennsylvania

This weekend we had a great time visiting with Chip's family. Friday night after Chip's class we packed up the car and headed out of town for 4 days. Can I just say that one tiny little person, less than 10 pounds of person sure does require TONS of stuff! After spending the night at Beth's Friday night we woke up bright and early Saturday morning to head over the Bethlehem, PA where Chip's Grandmother "Grams" lives. At Gram's house were Beth's sister Sue, her husband Scott, Sue's kids Kristen & Scott, and Scott's family wife Aubry, son Isaac & Chip's brother Jamie. We got to visit with each other and enjoy some great meals. Also Beth brought the game "Catch Phrase" to play with everyone, it was a great time that I'm sure we'll be playing again next year. It was a great time and a great way to celebrate Gram's 91st Birthday! Sunday afternoon we hit the road back to Maryland where we enjoyed watching Jamie's Rec basketball game, the rest of the night and Monday too. Now we're back home tonight, and wiped out! Lots of driving, and Kane did great! It was nice to introduce him to everyone, and we'll be seeing all of them again at Peter and Mary's wedding on May 1st!

Here are some pictures of our weekend!

4 Generations, Grams, Beth, Aunt Sue, Kane & Me

Hi Aunt Sue!!

Kane's new sweater from his Cocoa, this one fits!!

Sleepy Puppy!

Uncle Jam & Kane's nap time, they slept for 2 hours!!

Scott, Isaac & Aunt Cilla

Isaac & Mr.Bear :) He's 2 years old!

Daddy & Puppy

Uncle Jam, Cocoa & Kane

Cocoa, Aunt Sue & Kane

Great-Grams, Cocoa & Kane

Chippy, Grams, Kane & I

The Whole Crew!

Kane and his Jordan's that Uncle Jam gave him!

Kane's picture next to Chip's baby picture! Wow

Jamie playing basketball at his game Sunday night

Neat pic we took of chip & Kane and the Willow Tree Character
I bought Chip for his Birthday : )

With Love,

C, A & K

Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 weeks old! WOW!

So Kane is now 10 weeks old, can you believe it?! That seems soo old to me! haha, well he's just growing everyday! He has been "talking" up a storm lately. He loves to sit in his bouncy seat and chat with his friends Mr. Hippo, Mr. Lion & even Mr. Monkey. His conversations consist of "Arrr Arr Arr??, "EEEaaaa Arr Arrr!" It's sooo funny to watch him interact with his "friends" he'll look at each of them individually and smile. Sometimes he's coy with them but then sometimes he just swats at them to get their attention. Then there are those times where their love relationship turns to hate and Kane just out of nowhere sends out this pitiful cry like someone has just pinched him for no reason and he has the sad lip (which BTW he's mastered). It's the saddest/cutest thing I've ever seen, moments later he's fine and back to bouncing! His new favorite things are his fuzzy football and a black & white circle rattle my cousin Lauren's daughter Kelsey gave him for Christmas!

This week was pretty tame. I got to visit with my friends Sarah and Katie at McCormick and Schmick's to go over our holiday stories. Also we had dinner at Katie's house with her husband Brandon and their two kids Elliot & Elaina. Elliot is 2 years old and Elaina 7 months and they are both too cute! Elliott loves his Thomas the Tank Engine (reminds me of Parker) and Elaina was decked out in smiles and adorable leggings with bronze Mary Jane's! Love it! We had a great dinner and it was nice to get together with a set of parents who are near our age.

Alrighty, just a heads up we will be traveling to Maryland and Pennsylvania next weekend to visit with Chip's Grandmother for her 91st Birthday! So for my devoted readers (hehe!) it's going to be a late blog week!! ; ) But I promise to make up for it in pictures!!

Her are some now to enjoy!

Tickle Time!!!

All my boys watching the Dallas game!


Gift From Gummie!

Drolly the Lion, guarding the nursery :)
(This was Omi's Lion, sitting in the Bear Chair from her house
that us grandkids used to sit in when we visited her)

Having fun with the mobile

Kane's friends! By the way if you need a gift for a child 0-18
months get the one on the far right, called My Pal Scout made by
Leap Frog. Google it, it's soooo neat! It says "I Love you Kane!"


Such sweet Tootsies!!

Kane and his Godmother, my cousin Samantha!

Hi Sammy!!!

-C, A & K