Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our First Christmas & 2009 in Review

So this Christmas was much different than any other we have ever had. Not only was this our first Christmas as a "married couple" but it was also "Baby's first Christmas". We were both very excited to do all of the fun holiday traditions with Kane and then, both Chip and I got sick. Chip became sick the Friday before Christmas with Bronchitis and I got sick with swine flu the Tuesday before Christmas, yes swine flu....As some of you have found out I've become a bit of a germ-a-phob since Kane was born. I have an internal freak out when someone coughs or sneezes around me and when you visit my house I have set up a hand washing station when you walk in the door to protect baby Kane from SWINE FLU! We were extremely picky as to where we took Kane and even avoided my families major Thanksgiving due to the amount of people since he was only 4 weeks. Well I felt that it would be safe to venture out last week since it was Christmas and he was 8 weeks old. Nope, Chip and I both got sick.....figures. However I will say that I fully believe that Kane did not get sick from either of us because I am breastfeeding. I exclusively pumped and Chip fed him bottles while I was sick and I know that's what kept him well. The breast is the best! hahaha, Well anyways my mom bought me a new breast pump for Christmas and it got plenty of use this past week. For those of you who aren't familiar with what's out there on the market for pumps, this is a picture of mine. It's a Medela, and It's amazing! While they're on the high end, their product is the best out there. It only takes 8 minutes for me to get an entire meal for little Kane.

Since Chip and I were both sick through the real Christmas Eve & Day we celebrated Christmas on Sunday and it was just as nice! We opened gifts at my parents house then went to Gummie's and did dinner and gifts there. We had such a great time enjoying Christmas with our family and our little baby boy! It's so fun to think of how he'll be next year opening all of his gifts! We are so grateful for our loving and generous families.

So I can't believe that 2009 is already coming to a close. This has been quite an eventful year in our little family, from our Wedding to the pregnancy and then baby Kane! Here are a few old pictures to recap 2009, and a few new pictures of Kane! I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! Chip and I are very excited to be celebrating our 1 year Anniversary on Sunday!!!

Our 2009 in pictures!

With Love,

-C, A & K

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Baby!!!!!

Hello all, **BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO DANA & JACK CORLEY** The happy couple welcomed their baby girl Madilyn Rose Corley on Sunday December 20th at 12:03pm. She came in at 6lbs. 3oz. 19 inches! My mom and I visited them at the hospital yesterday at 2pm and they were all happy as could be. Dana had a very smooth delivery and is feeling good today as well!

We had a good week. I finished my last minute Christmas shopping, but I still have wrapping to do. We also went to get Sushi at a small restaurant near Town Center that is our favorite with Chip's childhood friend Alli and her boyfriend Chris. This was Kane's 1st restaurant appearance and he did great! He just at in his car-seat looking all around, smiling, and sleeping! Poor Chippy has been very sick this week. He has bronchitis and has had a fever of 103-102 since Friday. Luckily he's starting to feel better today, but now I have a sore throat! But I guess that's just how it goes!

Yesterday, besides the great news of baby Madilyn, we had a great time at our church's Christmas Cantata & then at Aunt Janet's annual Christmas exchange. This was Kane's first debut at Church and everyone was soo happy to see him! I was a little nervous about all of the people, and all of the noise of the clapping/orchestra/50 choir members singing loudly.....but he slept through ALL OF IT! hahaha Not only is he sleeping 8 hours straight through the night, but loud noises don't bother him at all. This also came in handy at my Aunt Janet's house where we played games (tradition started by Aunt Kathy & Lynn Lynn) and were super loud and he just slept on Gummie's shoulder and didn't mind a bit. We were so glad our cousin Kevin was able to make it to dinner too. Kevin is my age and battling Cancer. He was in such happy spirits and was a true inspiration to everyone there without even realizing it.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope yall have a safe and Happy Holiday!

-C, A & K

Uncle Danny, Aunt Susan & Madilyn


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weekend in Maryland

KANE IS SMILING!!! That was our major event this past week! It seems to be when Kane wakes up and just after a feeding, it melts my heart! He just looks up at you with that big toothless grin and you can't help but crack up! Needless to say we've had our camera attached to our hand to try to catch a smile.

Also on Friday we went to Maryland for the weekend to visit Beth and Peter, or as Kane will call them Cocoa & Peppy. Chip had spoken to Peter to arrange our visit, but we wanted to surprise Beth. We rang the doorbell and a SHOCKED Beth answered! It was a great surprise and we were able to spend time with Beth, Peter and the entire Gost family. Peter's mother Rita, and his children Jen, Carissa, Alli & Alex were all there to help decorate their house and get their tree ready for Christmas. Kane was welcomed into the family by all of them! Kane also got to meet Chips best friends Adam and Cito and Chip's second family, the Hard's. Maryland has met KANE!!!

....Enjoy the pictures! Kane and I had a little mini photo shoot with my iPhone! haha, so you'll get to see all his funny/silly/angry faces! He knows how to work the camera already! :)

-C, A & K

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chip's Birthday Week!

This week was calm here at the Schnabel household. We've successfully decorated the house for Christmas, despite our tree falling down once while Chip was at class! We got the cutest stockings from JC Penney with our names on them!

Tuesday was Chip's 26th Birthday. At his request we got Sushi from our favorite restaurant in Town Center, Sakura. Then Friday night we went to see A Christmas Carol at the Va Aquarium in 3D IMAX which was awesome! Jim Carrey was great in all his roles. However this sweet Charles Dickens story is sure to scare the dickens out of young children! (haha I couldn't help it!) The Ghosts were pretty weird and scary, not a kid friendly movie. Also if you get motion sick, 3D is not for you! There are many scenes where they quickly fly above the town darting through the buildings, I wanted to barf!! Afterward we had dinner at Bravo which is one of our top fav's! It was nice to have our date night with Kane having a photo-shoot at the house with my parents! haha, we came home to view the MANY pictures they had taken of him, and the addition of more Christmas lights, garland, poinsettia, ornaments, etc. My mom, the decorating tornado, blew through the house! haha, it all looked great!

We also ventured to the mall for the first time Friday afternoon to have our Family Christmas Card taken by the Picture People. Needless to say, Kane was a little on the fussy side, which isn't his normal temperament. We think he, like Chip and I, was hot in his clothes under those lights! We had lots of tummy time this week! Kane neck strength is really getting good! He can keep his neck up longer and longer everyday!

Please enjoy the NEW pictures!...Miss Julie!!!! ; )

**SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Melissa Tatman and her husband Matt who have announced that they are 3 months pregnant with TWINS!!!! We're sooo happy for them and their special news! Humm, that sounds like July babies to me, and who doesn't love a July baby ; ) haha**

2009 Christmas Card

Thanks for taking our pictures Sarah!

He was starring down Mr. Hippo!

We love tummy time!!

Waving to the camera!

I think Kane looks like Parker in this picture, when he was little.

Proud Big Sister & Brother

Misha and Tank have been much more cuddly with each
other since we can't cuddle with them as much anymore

Having fun with the camera one night before bedtime!
(I promise I have a tank-top on! haha)

Such a little guy on such a big bed!

Waking up from a nap with Daddy

Kane LOVES to watch General Hospital with Mamma!

-C, A & K