Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble Gobble rhymes with Schnabel

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we sure did! We had Chip's family down and we had a beautiful spread cooked for us by Beth and Chip! Turns out they accidentally cooked the Turkey upside down and it turned out to be soooo juicy and moist, it was the best accident ever! haha All of the Thanksgiving staples were there and we used our beautiful wedding champagne flutes to toast Kane's first Thanksgiving. We're now in the process of putting our house back together from having our guests, and getting our Christmas decorations down for the weekend. Also don't forget to send your birthday wishes to my wonderful husband! Chip's birthday is December 1st, and is turning 26! We have plans for our first date night, without Kane. We will be having dinner at the ocean front then heading over to the Virginia Aquarium to see The Christmas Carol in 3D IMAX, very excited! My mom very eagerly accepted the babysitting duties for the night :) Here are some fun pictures from the week! Enjoy!!

-C, A & K

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let the Thanksgiving Festivities Begin!

Hello everyone! So a quick update along with more pictures! Kane had a weight check this week to make sure he was gaining weight properly since we're nursing. He is now 8lbs 7.5oz. so all is well! We had our first outing this week, and we went to Kohl's! We took him on Wednesday afternoon for a "test run" to see how he took to being in his car seat in the stroller, and he was great, slept the whole time. I wanted to go during a time when very few people would be there for both reasons of how he would handle it and for germ purposes. We will be taking baby steps as to when and where we go out during these cold weather & flu months. Also Chip's brother Jamie and Peter, and his fiance Mary came into town to spend the week with us to celebrate Thanksgiving! We're so glad they're going to be spending this time with us and getting to know Kane along the way. Jamie and Peter will be well versed in all things "baby" once they leave after this week! It's sooo cute to see Chip teaching them things when he just learned himself, he's such a good Dad. :) Please enjoy the pictures, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE, BE SAFE!

-C, A & K

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weeeeeee're Baaaaaaaack!

Hello all! I'm very sorry to those of you who don't have Facebook as I've been keeping that updated with pictures :( and have sadly neglected the blog...but were back! Here are some fun facts on how Kane's doing and how we're doing too! Starting next week, I will be posting a Kane blog update each Friday at some point, they may be brief or just pics sometimes, but I'm sure once we have a routine it'll be a bit easier to find time :)

  • Breastfeeding is going GREAT! He's eating every 3-4 hours, 15-20 minutes both sides
  • About 12 diapers a day
  • Very gasey at night, Mylicon drops are our hero! For those of you who don't know, they're drops to eliminate gas, and work like a charm, google it! :)
  • Poopie diapers are his favorite! He likes to make them right after you've put a fresh one on him!
  • Loves Skin to Skin cuddle time
  • Already a heart-breaker :)
  • Hates baths
  • Sleeps like an Albertson, we have to wake him up to eat at night (only for a little longer though to gain weight since he's breastfeeding).
  • Recognizes the Beatles music that I played with head phones on my belly while pregnant

  • So happy to be a dad finally
  • Loves blowing air on Kane's belly
  • During the middle of the night wakes up to change Kane's diaper while I get ready to breastfeed
  • Is a pro at burping
  • Official bath giver, especially while I'm unable to with my incision
  • Is dealing with all my hormonal changes great
  • Loves Kane & Tank cuddle time
  • Love when Kane falls asleep on his chest
Misha & Tank:
  • Were so glad to have mom home finally
  • Were very confused the night Kane was introduced to them
  • Realized that Kane wasn't leaving after about 4 hours
  • Kane's official babysitters
  • They are very concerned when he cries, they look at me like "Ummm, Mom, is he ok?"
  • Sniff his head once in the morning and once at night
  • When visitors come they seem to be very protective of Kane
  • They are now the three amigos!
  • Crazy hormones
  • Hot flashes & Cold Flashes
  • From delivery to about 2 weeks postpartum, uncontrollable crying! Ask my mom, ask Chip, or Chip's mom the things I cried over. They varied from the pampers commercial to sending text messages that I got emotional over
  • Feeling of being ugly as sin, but thankfully a few highlights perked up my spirits, thanks mom! ; )
  • Slowing healing with my incision. I'm down to almost no pain medicine. I'm not taking the harsh stuff they gave me in the hospital, it was making me way too dizzy, so they gave me a non-narcotic medicine.
  • Trying to take it easy, sometimes I over due it, and then I REALLY feel the consequences
  • Love smelling my little baby! I told Chip, "This is the first baby I get to smell whenever I want, and I don't have to give him back!!"
  • Singing to him and rocking him to sleep, favorites right now are You are my sunshine, Edelweiss, Kay sera sera, & Silent Night!
  • Really enjoying breastfeeding. A connection that you can't describe or understand unless you do it since my mom expressed the same to me and I just didn't get it until now :)
  • Becoming a morning person. When you have that sweet little face to wake up to, mornings become much better!
  • Found a new appreciation for all mothers, especially my own :)
  • Love finally being a Mom!

With Love,

C, A & K