Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5 Months & growin' like a weed!

So last Friday we had our dreaded weight check. We have stressed this weight check since the Dr. said if we didn't hit at least 13 pounds, we would be going in to CHKD to have tests run. So Friday morning, we went in, stripped him down and on the scale he went. 15 pounds!!! Thank the lord! No more worries about weight! We can now stop dream feeding him at night which will drop him back to 5 bottles a day 7oz. each. He's been loving the stage one foods. We've tried bananas, prunes, carrots, sweet potatoes & apple sauce, next we will try PEAS!!! We'll keep you posted on how the peas go!

Enjoy the video and pics!

-C, A & K

Sunday, March 28, 2010

30 before 30!

I'm participating in "30 before 30" from my good friend Elizabeth's blog. Here's the description from her blog

"Will you join me on this adventure of growing up?

All you have to do is:

* Pick a milestone that works for you. (Trust me, I KNOW life doesn't end at 30... Thank Goodness!)
* Make a list of things to accomplish between now and then. They can be big or small things... To me, this is just one step closer to living life a little fuller!!
* Post my "30 Before 30" button on your page to let everyone know you're playing along
* And then, link-up or leave a comment here with your very own "To Do" list.

We'll check-in periodically to see how things are going... I can't wait! (It's never too late to join in!)"

So, I've taken up the challenge, and here's my very own 30 before 30 list!

1. Finish having babies
2. Be in a size 4
3. Have a daily workout routine
4. Become a vegetarian
5. Regularly volunteer at the SPCA
6. Travel to Germany to do an ancestry project
7. Get reacquainted with the German Language and become fluent
8. Own a home
9. Go on 2nd Honeymoon with Chip
10. Go on a behind the scenes tour of the set of General Hospital (I'd die!!)
11. Take a trip back to California with my best friend Kathryn ; )
12. Enjoy reading books
13. Become a runner
14. Run in the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon
15. Coach a local middle school cheer-leading squad
16. Go to an NFL football game
17. Sing in the church choir
18. Plant a garden and eat food from garden
19. Take ballroom dancing classes with Chip and perform dance in a competition
20. Play tennis once a week
21. Teach Sunday School
22. Take cooking classes
23. Own a business
24. Flip a house
25. Get plastic surgery to correct damage done by pregnancy
26. Cut my hair extremely short and sassy
27. Wear skinny jeans
28. Go skiing/snowboarding (never been!)
29. Take Chip & Kane to Disney World
30. Learn to like my coffee black and my tea unsweet

Don't worry, I'll be posting about Kane this week too :)

-C, A & K

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOTS of New Pics!

So I missed a blogging week!!!! I'M SOOO SORRY! It's the first one I've missed in forever, this week just got away with me! Here's a quick update, and what everyone really wants, PICTURES!!

We had a very quiet St. Patty's Day! It was a beautiful day and we walked all around the shops by our house, there was a GREAT sale at the Carter's store. Also we went to a Gymboree class with our friend Kendal and her little boy Rylan! It was very cute for the babies, they enjoyed the bubbles and the singing!

This past weekend we were in Maryland and went to a wedding in DC. It was such a beautiful blended ceremony of Jewish and Greek-Orthodox. There were so many fun traditions at the reception that we couldn't keep them straight! While we were at both the rehearsal dinner and wedding, Chip's mom & peter got to babysit Kane!

This Friday Kane will be 5 months old! He has his weight check on Friday at 11am, we'll see if all of our new feeding habits have paid off. I'm sure they have, Kane feels soooo solid now! They Doctor would like him to be at least 13 pounds, and I'm thinking he's surpassed that!

Enjoy the pics!!

Off to the Wedding

Rehearsal Dinner

My Misha 3 years old!

Tank's 3rd Birthday, just a week after

My favorites!

Not so Irish, but feeling the Green spirit for
St. Patty's Day!

All the Babies under the parachute!

Kane Love's Jimbo the puppet!

Loves Bubbles!

Stimulation with a paintbrush

Mirror Tummy Time

Kendal & Rylan!

-C, A & K

Thursday, March 11, 2010

There were 9 in the bed and the little one said "Roll Over, Roll Over!"

So Kane is FINALLY rolling over! A little behind the mark, but he finally did it. I think it was because I had told him about the other babies his age already rolling over and he just couldn't stand it! hahaha :) Here's a quick video of his new trick!

Eating is going well! Per our Doctor's instructions at his 4 month appointment, we started with the Rice Cereal and have began to introduce Stage 1 foods 4 days at a time for allergy reasons. I was worried since he did so poorly with the rice cereal, but he's very much enjoyed Bananas & now Prunes! haha YUCK! He's been eating the baby food 2-3 times a day in between bottle

Here are some pic's! Enjoy!

Kane in his Bear Chair with Curious George!

Kane by his toy box

Dad and Punkin!

So Sweet

-C, A & K