Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's another BOY!!!! 18 WEEKS

So If you haven't already heard from myself or Facebook, It's a boy! We had an ultrasound on 11-16-11 and with a quick check the Dr. said, Kane's going to have a little brother! And just like Kane's sonogram, it was VERY obvious that it was a boy, no doubts at all. : )

I begged Chip on Monday the 14th, to finally help narrow down the boy name. We had been going back and forth about the boy name for awhile. We'd pick one, and I'd like it, then hate it the next day. For months we had liked the names Grayson and Jude, but they just didn't click with me like Kane's name did when we picked it. So while sitting in the Jimmy Johns in Greenbrier we were on the website Nymbler.com which helps you pick a name through in putting names you like. And after a few good searches, he saw Brady and Chip asked what I thought, and I knew that was it!!!


Chip was also able to feel baby Brady kick for the first time last night, right at 18w. When I was pregnant with Kane, we didn't feel fetal movement until 19w and Chip didn't feel him from the outside until 20w. It's crazy how much more aware you are the 2nd time around!

Ultrasound, bump, and Thanksgiving pictures to come soon! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

-C, A, K & soon to be B!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kane is 2! Baby S #2 15 weeks

Kane Parker Schnabel -- 2 Years Old

My little boy is 2 years old. I just can't believe how time flies. On October 22nd we had an amazing party over at our house. Many family and friends gathered in our back yard to play games, eat treats and jump on Kane's new Birthday gift, his trampoline.

Kane receive MANY great gifts that he just won't put down! Two Elmo's, one that does the Hokie-Pokie, and the other who plays instruments. A John-Deer tractor, many trucks and a real Goldfish named Dorothy, just like Elmo's!

Kane is talking up a storm these days. He's singing many songs, Jesus Loves me, The ABC's, You are my sunshine, and Katie Perry's Firework are his favorites! He's counting to 20 and speaking in sentences, the most popular is "May I have another Oreo PLEASE!" One of my favorite times with Kane is putting him to bed and saying his prayers with him. He always asks for one more kiss, about 10 times, then says "Love you Mommy". My heart just melts! It also cracks me up when he says "Bless you Mommy" whenever I cough or sneeze. He's such a good boy, very loving and just so smart.

Baby Schnabel #2 -- 15 weeks

Not much to report just yet on Baby S #2. At my last appointment I had only gained only 1 lb. since the pregnancy began back in July, success! Baby has a fast and strong heartbeat and is measuring normally. We have a sonogram scheduled for 11.16.11 so by then baby will be 17w2d, hopefully we'll have a gender to report!!

I'm happy to say that on Kane's Birthday 10.26.11 was the first night that I felt the baby kick! Baby wanted us to know that she/he also knew how special that day was. I've been feeling movement ever since, a few kicks in the morning and a few in the evening. It's just so strange being pregnant again. I've associated everything pregnancy related to Kane, and now it's a different baby. It's so hard to wrap my head around sometimes, but we couldn't be happier.

I've had some morning sickness from about 8w-14w which hasn't been too bad since it was isolated to the morning only. My appetite has been good, I just can't always finish the food on my plate. Not many smells have bothered me this time around, other than fresh cut grass, vomit. The worst thing this time around has been the constant headaches. I can't get rid of the headache for more than a few hours it seems.

Kane is very interested in the new baby. He rubs my belly and says "Baby in the tummy, Mommy, Baby!" Then lifts his shirt and rubs his tummy and says the same thing! He thinks everyone has a baby in their tummy, even Elmo! haha :)

More to come after my appointment on 11.16.11!

Enjoy pictures from Kane's Party!!!

-C, A, K & ???

Sunday, October 2, 2011

And then there were 4

I do not have a face to see,
or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss,
I don't yet have a name.
You can't yet hold my tiny hands,
nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song,
or cuddle me so near.
But all will change come April,
that's when they say I'm due.
I'm your new baby boy or girl,
I can't wait til I meet you.
All I ask between now and then,
is your patience while I grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait,
because of all the love we'll know.
So what I have to give you now,
is a wish to you from me.
I cannot wait to be a part,
of this wonderful family.

Love Baby Schnabel...The Sequel :)

-C, A, K & ???

Friday, May 20, 2011

Changes in the Schnabel Family!

I’m not going to mention that I’m a horrible blogger, since that seems like how I’ve started all of my posts over the past 6 months. I’m not going to mention that we’ve been super busy….I’ll just start with a recap!

At the end of February I applied for the Youth Director position at my home church. I was notified in early March that I had gotten the job! I couldn’t be happier!! Being able to put my Religion degree to use thrills me. Since then I’ve been doing a smooth transition with the interim youth director. I’ve had lots of great guidance from her and other member of the church. This is a 20 hour position to which I’m adding on top of my 40 hour daytime position, which I love! BUSY. Because of this new job, I was commuting sometimes twice a day to Deep Creek from Virginia Beach…not good…A change in location was needed.

Starting mid March, we began our hunt for the perfect house! With the help of a great mortgage rep. and our fearless real estate agent, my God mother, Josi Brown. As you know, Chip and I don’t like to take long drawn out time to make decisions. We know what we want, and we either like it or we don’t. We took one day to look at homes and saw about 7-9. That next week we put a bid on one of those houses and were outbid. The very next day we looked at about 6 homes, and found ours! We made a bid that same day and the next day it was accepted! We had a ratified contract by March 28th, and a closing date set for April 29th. So not only was the Royal Wedding taking place, but we were also closing on our 1st home, a big day indeed!

Moving day was so crazy! We had tons of help, and I can’t IMAGINE moving again, it was miserable! We’re back in the CREEK!!! I never thought I would want to move back there so badly. Our new house is zoned for the same Elementary, Middle, & High schools that I went to which is really neat. It’s like the twilight zone though, driving around the Creek where I sowed my wild oats! Lots of great memories and lots more to come!

These are a few of my favorite things about our new house in Meta Pointe:
-Rose bushes -Pergola & outdoor fire pit garden
-All Brick -2 Car Garage
-Hardwood throughout -Front loading washer & dryer
-Stainless Steel Appliances -Dimmers in the Kitchen
-Granite Counter Tops -All Walk-in Closets
-Tres Ceiling in Master -Giant Master Tub/Closet
-Ceiling Fans in all rooms -Wrought Iron Spindles on Staircase
-“The Puppy Room” -Deck

Ok, ok, I LOVE IT ALL!!!! There was only one small hitch, and I say was because I’ve grown to not mind it anymore. We’re directly behind a set of double train tracks. And when I say directly behind, I mean, we’re able to make eye contact with the conductor and wave to him! HAHA! Some trains are louder than others, but some are quiet and slow. Either way, they don’t bother me. Why you may ask…Well my baby LOVES THE TRAINS! He can’t stop saying “CHOO CHOO” which sometimes sounds like “shoe-shoe” but you get the picture. He wakes up saying it, he says bye bye to it on his way to bed. We’re now a Thomas the Tank engine family! And Kane, well he’ll be the envy of all his friends. Who else will be able to say they have a choo choo in their back yard!?

This brings me to my little man! Kane Dog is 18 months! Can you believe it? I sure can’t, I can’t believe how fast the time fly’s. He’s growing like a weed. At his 18 month check up this past week he weighed **lbs. **oz. and was ** inches long. Mimi took him to his appointment and Dr. Wiley said that he was doing great! He’s very advanced in his speech according to her. He’s already saying almost all of his ABC’s and his counting to 10 like a pro! He pronounces 7 “Sebee” which literally melts my heart. He’s so smart; I can’t even count all the words he’s saying now. Some of his favorite words/phrases are: What’s that?, Sorry (we’re saying that a lot these days), Blanket, Choo-Choo, Oreo, Cookie, well any sesame street character for that matter. He does a role call with every person he knows name’s including the dogs. But he’s just picking things up so quickly, if you want him to say it, he’ll try his hardest to mimic what you’re saying.

We’ve been having a little trouble with biting. Hopefully we’ll be out of that stage soon. A stage we’re VERY much into right now is being Mommy’s shadow. He gets VERY upset if I’m not holding his hand, sitting with him or carrying him. This warms my heart, but is a little difficult at times to get house work done. Kane is an expert now at giving kisses on demand and hugs too, his are the best. I die when he walks over to Misha and puts his little hands on both of her droopy cheeks, bends over and puckers up to give her a big kiss! I’m so thankful that Misha, Tank and Kane get along as well as they do. I love seeing the three of them standing at the front door, looking out, and waiting for Chip to get home.

So that’s it for now. Some wonderful changes have been happening in our lives, and we couldn’t be more blessed.

-C, A & K

Sunday, February 13, 2011

15 Months

Hello everyone! Stopping for a little Kane update, well here ya go! We had his 15month appointment last week. He's right on track with height and weight 23lbs. 6oz. & 32". He's advanced in his speech which we're thrilled about! Dr. Wiley said they should have 5 solid words by this age and Kane has 15+, a few animal sounds, and a few signs too. Let's see if can name some off the top of my head... Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Bud Bud, Puppy, Dog, Ball, Elmo, No, Nite Nite, Bye Bye, Up, Sorry, Baby, Apple....there are some others that only we can understand like "be-boo" is Big Bird, but he's doing really great!

We've all been passing this cold around since the week after Christmas, it's been awful. We've also been battling this "Floppy Airway" with Kane. Dr. Wiley said this was most likely Kane's issue with the symptoms we had described to her. Picture this....A nice dinner out to eat with family, Kane happily eating, everyone enjoying their meal....and then....a simple cough, and another, and then a gag, and then PROJECTILE VOMIT EVERYWHERE.....awesome. This has happened in Chick-fil-a, Applebee's, Bravo!, and at Gummie's house and it is the worst! We're doing everything we can to eliminate Kane's cough so that his VERY sensitive gag reflex stays calm.

Kane loves to dance and the ABC's are his favorite song! He's been going to a new Daycare provider since our favorite Ms.Holly is having a baby! Her name is Ms. Christine and her house is right behind my mom's school which makes it SUPER convenient. He's already adjusted great and feels right at home.

Our little man is SOOOO into bath time now. He wants the water to run for the entire bath so he can grab at the water and try to catch it in his mouth! He'll stick his mouth under the faucet, take a sip and crack up! Those little belly laughs just make my day. Kane loves to laugh, his favorite things to laugh at are farts, burps, and being surprised. HE CRACKS UP, and when you laugh harder at his laughing it make it 10x better.

One thing that absolutely warms my heart are Kane's hugs and kisses. Now when you ask for one, about 70% of the time, you're going to get one! And if his face is covered in snot, and he decides that HE wants to give YOU a kiss, well of course, you take it. haha, snotty kisses, so nasty but as sweet as can be. Kane's big show stopper of the moment is pointing to his body parts, when you name one, it's too cute!

We hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!! We'll be going to Roanoke next weekend to spend time with the Big Chill, and we can't wait!!!

-C, A & K

Friday, January 7, 2011

2010 in Review

Well it seems like every time I blog, I'm apologizing for being such a bad blogger!!! Well, I am sorry, and I do wish I were better at it, but time just flies when you're having fun, and we sure are having fun with Kane these days!

14 Months is SUCH a fun and busy age! He's into everything!! No socket is safe around those wandering little fingers. We are totally baby proofed and ready to go. Kane's vocab. as of now includes: Mama, Daddy, Papa, Puppy, Puppy Dog, Good Dog, Ball, More, Hi & NO! He says them both in a out of context, but boy is he a chatter box. We have also found out that we have quite the "drama king" on our hands; everything is sooo devastating when something doesn't go exactly his way, poor thing! haha

We had a wonderful Holiday season kicked off by Beth and Jamie coming to visit for Thanksgiving. We all went to Gummie's where we had unseasonably warm weather, which was wonderful! We were stuffed to the gills, Kane loved the Turkey and Gummie's famous Mac & Cheese.

Christmas was celebrated a week early at my parents house since we were in Charleston for Christmas week. As most of you remember, last year Chip and I were VERY sick during Christmas, well this year we narrowly dodged that bullet again. All three of got caught the 24 stomach bug the week prior to Christmas. Luckily my parents came over to take care of Kane since we were soooo sick. Our trip to Charleston was a quick 6.5 hours there and a miserable 9 hours back. We had a great time visiting with the whole Schnabel clan, lots of food & fun. The day after Christmas we were greeted at home with 12 inches of snow! Kane loved looking out the window at the snow falling and the dogs trying to maneuver around in it!

Kane's most favorite Christmas gifts:

A 3 color glowing turtle that projects stars on the ceiling from Mary's parents, Dottie & Rick
A puzzle that spells "SCHNABEL" From Mimi

A "FurReal" Puppy from Santa, barks, sleeps, wags it's tail, he's in love!
A recordable book, read by Mimi & Papa, and Elmo too!

A bouncing Wahoo!! From Aunt Bip (Mary) & Uncle Pete

A Beautiful pop-up from Cocoa, a must have!
Also an interactive book from Cocoa

We were all very blessed this Christmas, and this entire year. 2010 started off with a lot of uncertainty. As we end the year, Kane has had so many new milestones, and I even started a new job in December! We rang in the new year at our house with Parker and Ashley, who at the stroke of midnight & 2011 became his fiance! They're planning a wedding for September 1st, 2012, and we couldn't be happier for them!!

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and can't wait to share another year of our growing little family with you! Enjoy the Pics!
C, A, & K