Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wedding & New Job

Saturday the 17th was not only my brother-in-law Jamie's 23rd Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMBO!) but it was also my cousin Kevin's wedding to Suzanne (her blog). They had a beautiful wedding in Newport News VA with a reception to follow. Kevin has been fiercely battling Caner for many months now with more success each day. Seeing how happy he was on his wedding and what a life of the party he was, was a true testament to everyone there. We wish them all the best of luck in their new marriage. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

Also I started my 1st week at Bank of America! So far so good, everyone seems to be VERY nice and helpful....All I can say is if you bank with us, stop by the Kemps-River branch and say hello!

Enjoy the pics....Chip got some great ones this week :)


Yes we match. Yes it was on purpose! hehehe

So this is a picture I found of myself at 3mos.
old. The chubbier Kane gets, the more he favors
me...hahaha, figures.....

-C, A & K

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Search is Over!

So for those of you who haven't heard....I GOT A JOB! I start next Monday and I'll be working for Bank of America as a teller full-time!

Last week Kane, my mom & I took a road trip to Roanoke to visit our friends from the "Big Chill" and to celebrate our friend Peggy's 50th Birthday! It was the 1st time Kane got to meet some of the Big Chill members, and they were so happy to meet him! We had such a good time visiting and Kane was such a trooper, especially since he cut his first two teeth while he was there!!

We've got a busy weekend, then I start my 1st day of work on the 19th!! Can't wait :)

First 2 toofers!

Kane and his pal Addy! (Jeff & Elizabeth's dog!)

Kane with Poppy (Kathryn & Elizabeth's Grandpa)

Kane and Poppy! We Love Granny & Poppy!

Poor Kane, dress-up with the girls :)

Kane's new sun hat from Mimi!

Julie & Peggy


Elizabeth & Kane

Kane's 1st Beach trip!

Too cool!

-C, A & K

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kane's 1st Easter

What a wonderful weekend, we had perfect weather. Chip's mom Beth came to visit us and spend some time with baby Kane! On Saturday we went to the Hunt Club Farm and went through the petting zoo! Even though Kane won't remember this trip to the petting zoo, I certainly won't forget!! It was so neat to see all those fearless kids around those animals, I on the other hand was freaked out a little! We got to pet all kinds of animals and Kane got to sit with the Easter Bunny! Sunday we had church then over to Gummie's house for the annual Easter Egg Hunt! It was great to introduce Kane, and his second cousins Kelsey and Madilyn to the Easter egg hunt this year.

Christ has Risen, Christ has risen indeed!!!!!

Dress Up time!!

We caught you!!!

Kane and the softest bunny!

Kane and the Easter Bunny .03 seconds
before he spit-up all over the bunny paw!

Kane & Cocoa

Us & Cocoa

Us & Mimi

Off to Gummie's!

Already out of his Easter outfit and into his play clothes!

Pappala and Kane

Mimi taking Kane on his 1st Easter Egg Hunt!

Uncle Wayne, his "Grand-God Daughter" Madilyn with
Mimi and Kane

Proud Grandmothers with the little ones

My little bunny!

Hoppy Easter!

Hi Bud Bud!

~Great Grand Babies~
Kelsey Maire Colquitt--10mos.
Kane Parker Schnabel--5mos.
Madilyn Rose Corley--3mos.

Through Easter we have new life. We certainly were blessed with that in our growing family over the past year :)

Enjoy the silly videos!

-C, A & K