Sunday, July 25, 2010

Teeth, Crawling & New job oh my!!

Starting this past Tuesday, CHIP GOT A JOB! YAAAAY! He's now a borescope operator at T.A. Sheets, a construction company out of Norfolk. We couldn't be happier, and I know he's glad to get back to the working world!

Now that we're both back to working 40+ hours, Kane is having a big ol' time in the Creek! Monday, Wednesday & Friday, he's with our friend Holly who keeps her daughter Lucy (1yr) and nephew Noah (2 yrs) also! I get updates via text and picture messaging throughout the day to see all the fun he's having! On Tuesday and Thursday (for the summer) he spends his days with his Mimi and runs her ragged!!! I think she realizes why she had her children in her twenties and not her late forties! But at least she gets her "Kane fix" twice a week now! After school starts, he'll go to Holly Monday-Friday and Mimi will pick him up after school around 3, and he'll get to watch General Hospital with her! Did I mention Kane LOVES General Hospital?! He bounces up and down and claps his hands on his legs when the theme song plays!! haha, I love it!

Also a new development, Kane started crawling! One night he was spending sometime with my Dad, and my Dad said "You didn't tell me Kane was crawling?!" and I said, "Well as of this afternoon, he wasn't!". So my Dad was quite pleased that Kane decided to show off his crawling skills for him first!

Kane will be 9 months tomorrow, shocking!!! I can't believe how quickly time flies with him! Here are some of our little guy's milestones. Also his 9 month appointment is on Wednesday, will update next week with his height & weight stats!
  • Crawling on knees and feet
  • Pulling up and standing
  • Waving
  • Passing objects from one hand to another
  • 5 teeth (3 top, two bottom, looks too funny!) #6 is cutting as we speak
  • Saying Dada & Mama
  • Shaking head left to right mimicking us when we do it as we say "No-no-no-no"
  • Gives hugs
  • Feeds himself bottles, puffs, dried fruit, yogurt bites & mandarin oranges in the safe feeder
Here are some pics, enjoy my Big 9 month old boy! By the way, since we're 3 short months until his 1st Birthday, we're already in the works of his celebration. It will OF COURSE have a Halloween theme, since his B-day is Oct. 26th. The party will be on Saturday Oct. 30th, costumes are strongly encouraged!!! This is just a heads up to mark your calendars!!

Eating Mandarin Oranges in his Safe Feeder

My baby and fur-babies

My little crawler!

Milk Drunk!

Our Pampers photoshoot!!! haha

-C, A & K

Monday, July 5, 2010

1st Father's Day/ 8 months Old/ My 24th B-day/ 4th of July!

We've had quite a busy past few weeks! We celebrated Chip's 1st Father's Day with a trip to Maryland for a wedding. Chip had a simple request of a new wallet for Father's Day, but we also had a nice dinner at Buca de beppo in Gaithersburg with his mom! More recently, my 24th Birthday was this past Thursday! Chip and I went to Freemason Abbey and to see the new Twilight movie on Friday, while Kane had a sleepover with Mimi and Pappala. Then we enjoyed a game night with some friends on Saturday! Sunday was the 4th and we stayed in since it was sooooo hot. However, today was a little cooler and we went out to Shore Dr. to the beach! This is Kane's 1st time in the ocean since it was much calmer and warmer than it has been in the past. He's quite the little swimmer, I'll have to take a video of him swimming next time!

EIGHT MONTHS: We've been experimenting with table foods a little more. There's a thing that looks like a pacifier but it has this netting that they can suck on and it allows tiny pieces of the food to come out as it gets softened. Also we're getting him started on the puffs, which are like a puffed flavored rice to help them learn to feed themselves. I must admit that he's very skilled with......his.....LEFT hand! Oh lordy, could my child be a Lefty?! hahaha, I know my mother will be happy!

Enjoy the new pics!

-C, A & K