Sunday, February 13, 2011

15 Months

Hello everyone! Stopping for a little Kane update, well here ya go! We had his 15month appointment last week. He's right on track with height and weight 23lbs. 6oz. & 32". He's advanced in his speech which we're thrilled about! Dr. Wiley said they should have 5 solid words by this age and Kane has 15+, a few animal sounds, and a few signs too. Let's see if can name some off the top of my head... Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Bud Bud, Puppy, Dog, Ball, Elmo, No, Nite Nite, Bye Bye, Up, Sorry, Baby, Apple....there are some others that only we can understand like "be-boo" is Big Bird, but he's doing really great!

We've all been passing this cold around since the week after Christmas, it's been awful. We've also been battling this "Floppy Airway" with Kane. Dr. Wiley said this was most likely Kane's issue with the symptoms we had described to her. Picture this....A nice dinner out to eat with family, Kane happily eating, everyone enjoying their meal....and then....a simple cough, and another, and then a gag, and then PROJECTILE VOMIT EVERYWHERE.....awesome. This has happened in Chick-fil-a, Applebee's, Bravo!, and at Gummie's house and it is the worst! We're doing everything we can to eliminate Kane's cough so that his VERY sensitive gag reflex stays calm.

Kane loves to dance and the ABC's are his favorite song! He's been going to a new Daycare provider since our favorite Ms.Holly is having a baby! Her name is Ms. Christine and her house is right behind my mom's school which makes it SUPER convenient. He's already adjusted great and feels right at home.

Our little man is SOOOO into bath time now. He wants the water to run for the entire bath so he can grab at the water and try to catch it in his mouth! He'll stick his mouth under the faucet, take a sip and crack up! Those little belly laughs just make my day. Kane loves to laugh, his favorite things to laugh at are farts, burps, and being surprised. HE CRACKS UP, and when you laugh harder at his laughing it make it 10x better.

One thing that absolutely warms my heart are Kane's hugs and kisses. Now when you ask for one, about 70% of the time, you're going to get one! And if his face is covered in snot, and he decides that HE wants to give YOU a kiss, well of course, you take it. haha, snotty kisses, so nasty but as sweet as can be. Kane's big show stopper of the moment is pointing to his body parts, when you name one, it's too cute!

We hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!! We'll be going to Roanoke next weekend to spend time with the Big Chill, and we can't wait!!!

-C, A & K

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